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Identity Theft

Identity theft happens when someone uses your name or personal information to impersonate you in order to purchase products, or to participate in criminal activity.

Identity Theft is a growing problem in the world today.  It seems like there is a new story in the media every day about some becoming a victim.  The site has a lot of great information on things that you can do to protect yourself, like using secure passwords and not things like your mother's maiden name, where you went to high school or where you were born as your password or security question. 

Every home should own a shredder.  If you do not need a document any more and it has information about you on it . . . name, address, email, date of birth, social security number, bank account or credit card account information . . . then it should go in the shredder NOT the garbage.

How to Protect Yourself

One program that we would recommend would be The Personal Records Vault.
If you go to and click on the lock you can then view all of the different features of the different levels this program has to offer. Once you decide if you want to go with Bronze, Gold or Platinum level, click on the word Purchase for that level.

You will then be redirected to this site, and you will need to click on the ENROLL button on the far right of the screen (under the picture of the key)

It will then ask you if you have an Access Code . . . click on yes.
Once you get to the Enrollment form the first thing you need to enter is the Access Code.  
SVU as your access code (this will let them know that we referred you)
Here are some other great place to check out for Identity Theft protection.

ID Watchdog Identity Theft Resolution
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Resources for Victims

Report these scams to:

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