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 Post subject: Preventing ATM Scams
PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:24 am 

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Hi All,

We see ATM machines everywhere we go. Convenient stores, fastfood chains, donut shops, department stores, gas stations, and even nail spas have ATM machines inside. ATM theft has been a big problem and will always be. Did you hear about the Arco gas station and Lunardi's Supermarket ATM scam incident back in May 2008 where customers of both establishments were victims of identity theft? The card reader / scanner at the check out counter has been tampered and customers' debit card information (card and PIN numbers) were stolen. This is a type of card skimming scam wherein a device is inserted into the card slot on an ATM to capture your card information. Here are a few tips to protect yourself from ATM scam or theft.

* When shopping use cash or credit card as majority of the credit cards have 100% Fraud Protection. With a debit card, you may have limited protection depending on how soon you notify your bank about the fraud.

* Change your pin regularly. Make it a habit to change your PIN regularly. This also applies to your email and online bank accounts as well

* Before you use an ATM machine, check for dubious devices like extra video camera mounted to the ATM machine. This is another type of ATM scam in addition to skimming where thieves mount a wireless video camera inside the ATM area so they can watch you as you enter your PIN. Check the card slot. Do you see a plastic strip or film sticking out? Is there anything glued to the card reader or cash dispenser?

* If your card is stuck inside the card slot, do not leave the machine. Call the branch or the bank's 24 hour service number and report the incident by using your cell phone.


 Post subject: Re: Preventing ATM Scams
PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:50 am 

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Thanks for this very informative post trevor.
I agree that a lot are doing everything to steal our hard-earned money.
What I can't really understand is that why these guys not find a job and work hard instead of stealing from others? Aren't they afraid of what consequences it would bring them???

 Post subject: Re: Preventing ATM Scams
PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:21 am 

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i have some use full tips about the international money, 1. Notify the bank issuing your ATM, Debit or Credit cards that you might be using
the cards outside the U.S. They will want to know where and when the card(s)
might be used. Otherwise, the automatic fraud safeguards might deny acceptance
of your card. (Also check with your cell phone provider for use abroad)

2. Determine what currency is used in countries you plan to visit.
At this time, the Euro is the currency used in 22 countries.

3. For convenience you may wish to purchase a small amount of Euros before you
leave so you’ll have ready cash for immediate expenses such as taxis, snacks
or tips.

4. GSB customers may purchase Euros during regular lobby hours at the main office,
800 Waukegan Road in Glenview. Cost is based on the current day’s exchange rate.
Euro amounts in excess of $500 must be pre-ordered.

5. Travelers Cheques are available for Euros, Canadian Dollars and Pounds Sterling.
Fee is $10.00 plus 1% of sale.

6. Before using an ATM, make sure it displays at least one of the following brand
marks: MasterCard®, Maestro®, or Cirrus®. Insert your card and select a
language. Many ATMs offer a variety of languages, and English is always one
option on MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus ATMs.

7. Funds may be withdrawn only from your checking account with available funds on
deposit. Be aware of your daily withdrawal limits in U.S. equivalents. Exceeding
that amount will result in a denied transaction.

8. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Follow the instructions
displayed on the ATM screen to choose your account and the amount you wish
to withdraw. The terminal will immediately process the transaction, and money
will be dispensed in the local currency.

9. Be sure to take your receipt….it may not print out as quickly as the cash. The
transaction amount will be automatically deducted from your checking account.
Some international ATMs are available only during normal business hours. Hours
vary from country to country.

10. If you lose your GSB Debit / ATM Card, call us (847) 729-1900 as soon as possible so
we can cancel the card. If an ATM “eats” your card, contact the bank or whomever owns
the ATM.

11. Pay special attention to your surroundings and follow the usual safety precautions when
using any ATM…at home and away.

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