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 Post subject: Craigslist Macbook Scam? Plz Tell Me It Is...
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:44 am 

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Hi guys,
I've looked on for an apple macbook pro and found an ad for a new model for 650 euro, funny price. Contacted the seller, and here's what he said:

Hello there,

My macbook is still for sale. A great macbook,never used, with full Apple Care Warranty(3 years).
My job put me on the way to Germany and I has purchased this macbook there in your country. Now , I have to sell it as I have got back home in England.
The macbook is here in England London as well. The final price is 650 euro.In the price are including all the taxes for the delivery from England to you address by UPS.
I will pay here all the taxes for the delivery and when you will receive the macbook you don't need to pay other extra taxes.
As you probably noticed, the price is rather low. But since it's a german model not even a dealer will offer me a better price here.
So if you are still interested in my macbook please contact me and I will explain you how we can make the deal.
Best regards!

Now, his name is Carlos, his english is poor, sounds totally Nigerian. When I asked him if he would mind selling it in person to a friend of mine in London, he replied:

Hello there,
Yes.The MB has german keyboard.But I`m so sorry because I don`t have tine for meetings.
If you want I can make the transaction like this:
I`ll go and put the macbook in custody of UPS.They will check the informations will verify everything (the macbook and the documents).UPS will give me the shipping informations(tracking number, receipt etc.) and I will give you the tracking number and a copy of the receipt from UPS to verify the macbook and the details to see that is in UPS's custody for real before sending any money..For my security reasons You will make the payment to me (By MoneyGram) and I will go and confirm the payment at UPS.After I will confirm the payment deposit ,UPS will start the macbook delivery to your home address.You will receive the macbook to your address ,the delivery will take 2 days maximum.
Since you've got the macbook you have 3 days at your disposition to inspect it. If my macbook is not like I said or something is not ok with my macbook ,and you will not want it, you can refuse it and UPS will fully refund you the payment and the item will be shipped back to me, on my expense.
But this will not happen because I'm sure about my macbook and by these reasons accept any test, you can do any test at my item.
In all these 3 days of inspection your payment will stay all time in UPS custody.
After these 3 days of inspection you will choice to remain with my macbook, you will have to confirm this at the delivery agent so UPS will release the money to me.
If you agree these safes terms email me back with your full name, address, zip code and phone number and I will go and ship the macbook to you.
I will start the procedure as soon as i will have these info.
Thank you!

I stressed again:

Hello sir,
Of course.Did you think It can`t be more easy for me to meet with your friend...?...But I really don`t have time...I work every day and I get out of work to late and tired for meetings.So please have trust.I understand your problem but believe me that UPS is a giant shipping company and doesn't take any risks for any scam that you're thinking about.Please have trust because I'll pack the macbook at UPS, in front of a verified agent to be sure that what I'll write on the shipment is true and not maybe a box full of stones or anything like that do you get me?The macbook is new and never opened from box you'll see this from the tracking# too!First I'll send the macbook to you and I'll give you the tracking number from UPS to verify the item and the details.After that you'll have to send the money (by MoneyGram, because it's faster) to confirm the payment in order to get the item moving to your address.
You won't be scammed because UPS has a return policy that I will sign and complete so if you don't receive what you are really paying for you'll get your money back.UPS is one of the world's largest shipping company so they won't let anyone even trying to scam you.The package's content is very well verified before it's shipped.
If you are still agree please contact me with your full name, address, phone number, city, country and zip code and I'll ship the macbook to you.The verified agent will call you right before he arrives at your place with the package.After you check it, if you don't like it you'll get your money back.

So please think about it and mail me...Waiting your reply...

I know this is 99% a scam, just want to make sure. Any way I can put him on the spot and make sure I don't get scammed?


 Post subject: Re: Craigslist Macbook Scam? Plz Tell Me It Is...
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:07 pm 
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it is a scam . . . cut off contact with the person

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 Post subject: Re: Craigslist Macbook Scam? Plz Tell Me It Is...
PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:47 pm 

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Thanks for posting. I saw a Craigslist ad for an awesome carbon-fiber bike at a nice low price. The ad had the bike specs and a photo, but no other info. In reply to my e-mail asking to see the bike I received the message below with similarities to the ones you received. A search on some of the key words found this post, which tells me all I need to know.

My conclusion: this scammer is still out there and trying to nail us.

From: Thelma Rhodes <>
Subject: Re: 2009 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Pro Medium Carbon Full Suspension Mou - $900


Thanks for being interested in buying my 2009 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Pro Medium Carbon Full Suspension Mou !
I will start my email by telling you that I'm currently out of country so pick up isn't an option. Right now I'm in Italy, just arrived here 3 days ago.
Before I left I found a buyer and I had everything arranged. I paid for the shipping and almost sent it to him. But yesterday the buyer that I had asked me to wait another 4 weeks because he suddenly had other priorities and he is out of money for the moment.
I can't wait this long as I arrive in Italy 3 days ago, and i really need the money, I am in the moving process, changing the work place and everything. A major issue is that if you want to buy my item you really need to have the money ready for it.
The item is as described, in perfect condition and if you accept the deal, it will be delivered at your home address (the item remained in the custody of UPS, only waiting for a new receiver).
Total price, with shipping included, will be $900 and the transaction will be made only through eBay because i am not in the country anymore and this way it's safer for both (the transaction will be handled by the eBay Buyer Protection Program).
This purchase protection guarantees that the item is exactly as I described; basically, once delivered, you'll have 10 working days to inspect it at your home and if you decide not to keep it you will get refunded in no time and they will charge me with the return costs. If the item meets your expectations and you want to keep it you will have to tell them to release the payment to me. If you are interested in this purchase please reply me with your full name and shipping address. After that i will pass your details to eBay and you will receive an invoice and further instructions as how you will be able to get possession of the item .

Warmest regards

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