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 Post subject: Reply To Whoever Posted They Have A Small Fraud Group
PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:29 pm 

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I am brand new to this website and so far have been reading some sad and incredible stories of how so many honest and hard working people are being scammed by these money laundering and unscrupulous SCAM ARTISTS.

I too, receive many, many, many (more than I can even count) emails on a DAILY basis from mostly 419 Nigerian scammers. And I have reported and forwarded literally TONS of them to the Yahoo abuse people. They answer my email and send the original email I sent them from these perpertrators, most of which are from Nigeria. I am told that if the email I sent them was originated from THEIR website, that they "take appropriate action against that particular email account. Many times though, the scamming email does NOT originate from Yahoo's webmail, so I get a response from Yahoo saying there is nothing they can do.

And the Cashier's Check Fraud thing? That's another story! I have received at my home address at least 5 or 6 FRAUDULENT Cashier's Checks amounting to several thousands of dollars. I don't DARE try to cash them, wire ANYTHING to ANYBODY for ANY reason, no matter HOW broke I might be! I still have those FRAUDULENT checks in my possession in the same envelopes that I received them in, with the same letters that accompanied them. All of them have Canadian postmarks on them and a couple of the letters state that I am to perfom some sort of "mystery shopping" for them and keep a portion of the money after cashing the check and send the rest back to the "company". Ha! Cold day in hell when I will do that! I have never turned these checks over to any authority or done anything at all with them; they are still in my possession.

I have received these scamming emails for SO LONG now that it is so easy for me to identify them just by looking at the subject line when they arrive in my inbox. Since very little is being done to stop them from coming, I now just report them all as SPAM and go on about my day. If I knew of anything else I could do to stop receiving them completely, I would have done it a long time ago. I am just sick and tired of my inbox being totally inudated with all this SCAMMING B.S. and taking up my time and room in my email inbox.

If I had all the money these scammers say I am entitled to as an "inheritance" or all the other gimmicks they use, I would probably be as rich as Bill Gates. Or maybe even Oprah!

Oh, and one other thing...isn't it just TOOOOOO funny how ALL these people are killed in PLANE CRASHES all the time and also how YOU just "happen to have the SAME last name" as the person who died in the plane crash that had all these MILLIONS of dollars so you have been declared the deceased's NEXT OF KIN???? Hahahahahahahaha. Red flag right there.

Don't know whether I should shred the PHONEY Cashier's Checks or go ahead and turn them over to some government/police authority. Any suggestions?

P.S. Sorry this is so lengthy. If I post again, I will make it shorter.

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