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 Post subject: Pineu, Laserdiscs and Scams, oh my (my Story)
PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:52 pm 

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Hey, My name is Sam and I was scammed.

I am a college student, playing the role of the "starving Student". With Michigan's economy being so bad, its inevitable and its really difficult to find a job willing to work around my class Schedule. My mom who has been sending me money for food, suddenly gets laid off for 2 months. I decide to sell some things to get money put back for food. I sell my collection of laserdiscs (Moves on 12 inch discs) and player. I put $200 on the site ( for the lot, enough for a few weeks of food for myself. A few days later a guy emails me offering me my full $200, an extra $300 for running around, and an extra $2000 to be sent to someone else. I reluctantly accept it after negotiating that he sends the $2000 to the guy directly, but he said no, that his way is easier.

The check comes, and I go to send out the money but Western Union is like $100+ to send that much money, so I send a check. He gets mad, he is claiming I am trying to screw him, and threatened to phone the FBI and the CIA about me "screwing him over" just because I sent a check.

Luckily the check gets back in time for me to discover that the original check was bogus. I send the 2 grand back to the store I cashed the check in (I dont have a bank account in the town where I go to college), and also some of my $500 (as $200 was spent on food already). They said it was not needed to replace the $200 I spent on food, nice of them eh? They said that because it was money to help me eat. Especially since the money was spent in their store.

The odd thing is that the guy was right here in the US, out in Minnisota. I have traced the ip addresses of the guy who sent me the bad check, and the guy who was the "shipper". Me and the owners of the store are taking the man to court together, and the guys have already been apprehended by the FBI, and the CIA and may be awaiting deportation after the trial.

Luckily things did get better for me, eh?

 Post subject: Re: Pineu, Laserdiscs and Scams, oh my (my Story)
PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:07 am 
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I am glad to hear that you did not end up being out a lot of money.

Being that you are a college student, you could also try to raise awareness at your school about these scams by telling other what happened to you, talking to the school newspaper, printing out this pdf file ... ertSVU.pdf
and posting it on bulletin boards around campus, or asking the store you cashed the check to post it also. If you have a MySpace or other social networking page, post information about it there. Connect up to our MySpace, Facebook and YouTube pages to spread the awareness even more.

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